Cricket Scoreboard for linux
Lokesh Setia

Cricket scoreboard for linux is a nifty program to display almost real-time scores of a cricket match.  It will stay tucked up on the corner of your screen while you do other work.  It picks up its data from  It is meant as a linux alternative to the proprietory windows only program available at

February 11, 2001 : I just uploaded version 0.9pre of scoreboard to sourceforge. This release now works behind a HTTP proxy and has basic skin support. Have fun!
January 27, 2001 Released the first version (0.8). Announced to freshmeat and Indian LUG's.


Screenshot - connecting

Screenshot - while connected

This program is not endorsed or sponsored by in any way.

This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public Licence.  It is distributed with a hope that it will be useful, but there is ABSOLUTELY no warranty, NOT EVEN THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  For more details, see the file COPYING in the source distribution.

1. This program is maintaned by Lokesh Setia ( Some code and random gtk+ hints taken from source code of the great gqmpeg mp3 player by John Ellis.   User contribution is highly solicited.  See the file TODO in the source distribution for more details.

2. Sourceforge has been so kind to approve project space on their site.

3. My humble thanks to Rediff for creating a program for which I felt need to clone for Linux.

System Requirements
This program depends on gtk+ 1.2 and gnome-libs. Any fairly recent linux distribution (like Debian/Potato or Redhat 6.2) usually has these libraries installed by default. For compiling, you will also need the "devel" packages of the above.

You can either download the source tarball or the binary.  The binary has been compiled on a Redhat 7 machine.  I did test it once on a Redhat 6.2, but your mileage may vary (Yes, I know that the Redhat 7 compiler is broken... so don't bother reminding me :).


Download the file 'score-xx.gz' using the link above.  uncompress it by gzip -d score-xx.gz   Make it executable by "chmod  +x score-xx".  Either place it in a directory in your $PATH (like /usr/bin), or run it as ./score-xx.  In case the binary does not work for you due to library incompatibility, try compiling from the source.

1. Download the source tarball from the link above.
2. Untar it using: tar -zxvf scoreboard-xx.tar.gz
3. cd scoreboard-xx
4. make
5. su
6. make install


This is the first release, so obviously there are some things missing:

1. HTTP proxy support (URGENT):  Currently there is no http proxy support, mainly because I had a direct connection to the Internet :).  If you want to use scoreboard, but can't use it because you are behind a http proxy, drop me a line. (NOTE: IMPLEMENTED IN 0.9pre)

2.  Skin support:  Support for different backgrounds and fonts.  Yes... something like xmms.  Regarding this, if there is someone with good graphics sense with GIMP or equivalent, please create a nice background and decide on font which will go with it, and mail it so I can incorporate it in future releases. (NOTE: basic skin support implemented in 0.9pre)

3. New ways of alerting when the score changes (like playing a sound or moving the window).

4. A version which does not need GNOME-libraries is desirable for people who do not have it installed.

5. Some people have suggested a WindowMaker dockapplet or Gnome Applet in order to conserver screen space.

Please suggest any other thing that could be done.

If you use scoreboard for linux, drop me a line at this email address.  I will then know if there  is anyone actually using it, so I can spend some time improving it.

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